Believe in the Miracle called Tomorrow – Don’t Give up

I’ve seen Princes Rise from Dust, and Peasants Crowned Kings.
Life Teaches Many Lessons…But the Mind of Man too fickle to comprehend the depth of what the heavens hold in store for any man who resolutely KNOCKS, through the power of consistency; that doors do open!
Even WALLS become DOORS.
Man’s too blind to see through his mind’s eye, what you do in Preparation for Opportunities.
But the eternal rewarder sees through your work, your pains, your every sweat, your tears, your fears, the sacrifice to better your craft, to better your BRAND.
Never look at anyone and write them off, or think to yourself; what can you ever BECOME.
You may correct a man, challenge them, chastise them…
NEVER underestimate the
PS: May our Tomorrows be better than today.
Keep Winning.

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