Eight Features Your Website’s Homepages Should Include

As a business owner, your homepage is the face of your online branding. You have 7 seconds to catch a viewer’s attention before they decide whether they’ll leave your page or stay. Hence, you must make a great first impression from the very second they open your website

Check out these 8 key features every homepage should consist of in order to appease the viewer.

Logo: The logo is a tangible representation that encompasses your products or services and is a key piece for clients to recognize and connect with your brand. Ensure that your logo is clear and sized appropriately for your website design.

Navigation: The navigation area is like a road map–it’s necessary to give visitors an overview of the content, as well as help them to locate the information they are looking for using the most efficient route. Create a clear line of direction with your navigation.

Headline: A headline with a sub-headline or paragraph text should provide a clear description of your business and what you do or the services you provide.

Call to Action: CTA areas or buttons can be linked to contact forms, subscription enrollment forms, or other pages within your website that provide more information.
Make it easy and intriguing for your visitors to click.

Social Proof: Providing testimonials or customer/client reviews is another powerful way to stimulate trust and establish your expertise.

Photos: Photos add a sense of credibility and integrity to a website. A photo of someone using your product or engaging with your service is better than a stationary photo of your product because the viewer is able to connect with it.

Text Content: Keep your content simple and easy to read, and avoid industry jargon by being conscious of your target audience.

Footer: The end of your homepage should provide these three features: contact information, links, and social media integration.

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