Five Killer Email Marketing Mistakes

Email marketing is the most effective marketing channel and to help you avoid the pitfalls that many companies make when they start to use emails to communicate with their customers, we’ve outlined the five most common email marketing mistakes.

Sending From
No-reply@ or DoNotReply@ sender email addresses are uninviting and unwelcome. Always send an email from an address your customers can reply to, and be sure to include phone numbers and links to your social profiles in your email to help the customer contact you, should they have any questions.

Ignoring Mobile
if your email is not optimized for mobile devices, regardless of how relevant your message is, people will not be able to read it.

The ‘One Size Fits All Approach
The “one size fits all” approach no longer works (and did it really ever work?). Your message needs to be relevant to the reader this means that your message needs to change based on who the audience is. Segmentation can be basic, or it can get complex but it will help you

Making your emails complicated
If you have several offers within an email, it requires more thought from the customer. And the more they think, the more stressed they become, and they’re less likely to buy. This is called the paradox of choice.
Have a clear and relevant message that links to a single landing page that makes it easy for customers to buy from you.

Hiding the unsubscribe link
Allowing your customers to unsubscribe should be as easy as possible. And if someone doesn’t want to receive your emails anymore, hiding the unsubscribe link isn’t going to make them suddenly want to purchase your product.

Email marketing is still one of the most preferred communication channels for customers.

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