Five Tips To Turning Your Page Viewers To Customers

So you have successfully grown a good number of followers on your page or attracted a lot of traffic to your page, however, you noticed that the conversion rate is relatively low. This could be really discouraging, and that is why this post is for you.

Check out these 5 specific things you can do to massively convert your visitors to clients without stress.

1. Serve good content: We know, this sounds like a cliche already, but it does really work. Dish out content that your followers or page visitors will find interesting enough to get them to stick to your page.

2. Strategically and consistently make an offer:
Serving great content is great, but it might not serve the right purpose if this step is ignored. that is why you see some people following you, but end up patronizing your competitor. Strategically create an offer of your product/services, put it to the faces of your followers/visitors, and tell them what to do with it, in clear simple terms.

3. Make buying easy:
Make the sales/buying system as easy as possible. Explain in clear simple terms the procedure to place an order, be easy to reach, and make the payment process as easy as possible

4. Leverage on nice customer reviews:
From research, a higher percentage of people are more likely to buy a product after seeing others buy it, how much more seeing them giving good feedback on the product?. So, encourage your buyers to review your product

5. Stay focused:
Understand that not everyone that visits your page, or follows you are your potential buyers, some came for adventures, while some are competitors, hence, not all followers will convert. However, you can minimize this and increase your chance by targeting the right audience while promoting your brands and sometimes creating flexible offers.

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