How To Tell A Compelling Brand Story

Storytelling grabs attention, elicits emotion, and engages people. When you tell a compelling brand story, people are naturally captivated.

Whether it’s the story of how you built your business, the story of how your product improves people’s lives, or how you turned a passion project into a lucrative business, finding a unique brand story is one of the most effective ways to entice, engage, and encourage people to build a relationship with your brand.

Below are the straight simple elements you can use in creating a powerful brand story:

The status quo:
The status quo is the way things are or the initial nature of the situation, a backstory about yourself is also featured here.

The conflict:
The conflict disrupts this situation and puts something at stake, forcing the protagonist (your brand) to actively find a solution to this problem.

The resolution:
This describes how the protagonist solves the problem, giving your audience an emotional payoff. This talks about how you came up with your product/services or your USP.

Share the results of your journey. How has it affected you personally? What effect has it had on your customers and the community?

A great brand story is succinct and tells the narrative of your brand, including where you’ve come from and where you are going. A great brand story must be true, authentic, and honest. Consumers sniff out inauthenticity in a heartbeat and will punish you for it. A great brand story must also be deep-rooted in purpose.

When there is a purpose driving your story, audiences engage. It invites the audience to be part of where you are going and is written conversationally. It shares your heart and why you do what you do, and as a story, you must learn to tell it masterfully.
Ready? Think, Write!

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