Learn Collaboration: How to Use Competition to your Advantage

As humans we put too much pressure on ourselves.
90% of such stems from COMPARISON and the NEED FOR ACCEPTANCE.
Almost all humans have suffered from this at some point in their lives.
Nations, Individuals, Teams, Companies analyze COMPETITION and CREATE STRATEGIES for COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.
So, It’s okay to see, introspect, and be inspired to INNOVATE.
Don’t die on the PATH of Comparison and the need for acceptance – It breeds fear, doubt, loss of confidence, anger, jealousy, ingratitude, pain and stagnancy. Rid yourself of this CHAMP.
Find ways to complement, show support and collaborate, It shows maturity and the abundance mindset.
TOUGHEN UP CHAMP, It’s time to break free and live your best life.
To POSITIVE living 🥂

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