Google Analytics Uses And Tips

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Formulate The Perfect Strategy For The Success Of Your Website.


Leverage the power of Google Analytics to provide you with the required information to boost your sales

RE: Google Analytics Uses and Tips

Are you surprised that your website has high-quality content, but hardly any visitors? Are you spending thousands of dollars trying to reach out to the billions of Internet users and still not able to get your business rolling? Are people coming to your website not making any purchases? You are perhaps not publicizing your website to relevant traffic. How do you know you are reaching out to the right people? How do you know you are using the right techniques to attract them? GOOGLE ANALYTICS is your tool to SUCCESS!

Propel Your Search Engine Rank, Garner Visitors, and Count Your Profits

Did you know that you could set up an online company for just $5000? No wonder then that the US alone has more than 15 million online businesses! However, most of these websites die a slow death. This is not because what they are offering is not useful. The reason for their failure is the absence of the right strategy. You need to know who is visiting your website, what they are looking for, which webpages or products are the most popular, and which particular online marketing effort was the most successful. DO NOT throw darts in the dark, hoping that one would hit the bullseye. You need to have ENOUGH INFORMATION to aim and then shoot.

  • Learn how to get information on the traffic to your website, the page rank, and the bounce rate

  • Track website revenue by category, channel, keyword, average order, and conversion rate

  • Analyze and optimize your sales funnel to convert visitors to customers

  • Get comprehensive and accurate information about your traffic and formulate the best strategy

  • Identify what is wrong with your website and make the necessary changes to enhance user experience

  • Improve the quality of content by evaluating the bounce rate to improve the bottom line

  • Track the impact of SEO metadata, the content optimization strategies, and outbound links

  • Compare historical data and seasonal trends to understand client behavior and shopping habits

  • Manage subdomains as well as directories separately to analyze and report for sites that have a large number of pages and folders

  • Configure different reports that need to be sent out to the different people in the company, benefit from less manual work and more happy customers

  • Get reports via email, stay on top of things and enjoy the taste of SUCCESS

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