Psychology Of Marketing Strategies

Dear business owner, do you know that you can determine how your audience responds to your call to action?

By leveraging on this psychological phenomenon known as the Priming effect.

The basic thing that the Priming effect makes us understand is that: Without intentions, the first item that we are exposed to or presented with affects how we respond to the second, that is, exposure to an event eases the activation of associated concepts in the mind. It is a process driven by our subconscious mind.

Hence, must focus on the type of ‘energy’ your brand exudes when people come in contact with it as it can influence their actions.

Before your call to action, expose your audience to the right content that primes them into that realm because they are more likely to tilt towards acting so.

Branding is not just about the design content, but the soul, spirit, and energy behind it. Bottom line? Let your product connect with your audience’s emotion and prime them to feel so, even before they did.

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