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Gain sustainable competitive advantage and growth through creativity and innovation. This training would teach you the stimulants to creativity and innovation at the workplace in the form of; work group support, organizational encouragement, supervisory incentives, freedom and sufficient resources.

You would also learn how workload pressure and other impediments could hinder creativity. Most importantly, we would take you through the process of “Creative problem-solving” which would involve- Creative Problem Solving and Idea Generation; Solution finding and Action planning.

New Approaches to Criticism, Change, Crisis & Creativity Births True Innovation.” – A3

Our Services include

We offer professional Creativity & Innovation development training to accelerate your career/ business, enhance your professional influence and refine skills needed to run your team, increase productivity, employee engagement as well as reduce staff turnover, to improve executive & managerial skills.

  •  Innovation & Intrapreneurship

What if you didn’t have to launch into a great unknown just to be at the forefront of innovation? Supposing you could build intrapreneurial lenses into your team members? Well, this training would help you drive innovation within your company by showing you all the ways you could approach business opportunities and problems with an open and constructive mind in order to generate creative ideas and solutions.

You would learn how to establish a culture of innovation as a director, and also how to persuade your team to find smart alternatives to programs that no longer work, while also stimulating your creativity and supporting them with the right resources for solid implementation of brilliant ideas and launching new experiences for your customers.


You would learn:

  • How to develop a methodology on creative problem-solving
  • Divergent thinking
  • How to encourage employees to work out of the norm with worthwhile ideas
  • How to host brainstorming sessions
  • Affordable loss against expected returns
  • Strategic alliances
  • Exploitation of contingencies


  •  Creativity & Design Thinking for Managers & Start up Entrepreneurs

Train your staff to think like the users of your products/ services and to collaborate effectively to proffer premium solutions that cater for the needs of your customers. In this training you would learn how design thinking can be applied to systems, procedures, protocols and customer experiences.

You would learn:

  • Design thinking methodology
  • Effective brainstorming
  • Divergent thinking
  • Design thinking for innovation
  • Empathic design using client imprints
  • Idea generation, visualization & evaluation
  • Rapid Prototyping
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