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We offer professional leadership development training to accelerate your career/ business, enhance your professional influence and refine skills needed to run your team, increase productivity, employee engagement as well as reduce staff turnover, to improve executive & managerial skills.

The Future of Leadership is in Finding New Human-Centered Ways of Solving New Challenges with New Thinking.” – A3

Our Services include

We envision a world where anyone, anywhere can transform their life by accessing the world’s best leadership learning experience. Our mission is to provide world‑class leadership training for anyone, anywhere.

  •  Relationship Building and Networking for Company Directors

Learn to use networking to build relationships and strengthen alliances in service of your business work and goals. You would learn to identify career opportunities, network with top influencers in your industry, build a successful team, and learn to generate referrals, raise professional profile, broaden your access to opportunities, stay on top of your trends and anticipate changes in your industry. You’d also discover how this would help increase business for your company.


You would learn to:

  •  Expand your network
  •   Leverage on new connections
  •   Build on previous connections
  •   Recognize opportunities where others don’t
  •   Build Influence
  •   Prospect for customers/ investors


  • Time Management and Productivity Models for Managers & Leaders

Feel at ease, calm and organized in your leadership role with our premium training on time management, goal setting, prioritizing and productivity essentials. Start working smarter and get more done in less time even with a tight schedule and under pressure.


You would learn:

  •   How to set priorities
  •   How to schedule time appropriately
  •   How to delegate/ outsource tasks
  •   How to avoid multitasking
  •   Effective decision-making
  •   Collaboration
  •   Record keeping
  •   How to manage external and internal time wasters



  • Team Building, Affiliation & Resource/ Capacity Forecasting for Directors

Utilize creative personnel to blend into shifting deadlines and requirements. Anticipate and meet demand for new trends by predicting hiring and resource needs. Ensure upcoming projects are adequately staffed. Figure out what new businesses to pursue. Track future market needs and demand for existing skills.


You would learn:

  • The requirements for high performing teams
  • How to avoid dysfunctional teams
  • Capacity building
  • Effective delegation
  • How to improve forecasting skills
  • Proper demand & supply planning
  • Validate your team’s skills


  • Emotional Management & Inclusive Communication Within Organizations

Effectively demonstrate extraordinary self awareness/ control when faced with barriers to achieve desired outcome. Utilize effective / self-regulatory measures for managerial communication and establish trust in your organization. Understand the basic personalities to increase successful communication. Learn effective dialogizing by tapping into our knowledge of psychology.

You would learn:

  • Positive Verbal & Non-verbal communication
  • Self awareness & management
  • Relationship Management
  • Curiosity & Empathy Technique
  • Pro-active productivity check-ins
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