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If you’re a top level business owner and you need broad knowledge on how you can take your company to the next level, our training is tailored just for you and your employees. With our trainings, you can bring state-of-the-art information technologies and tech-savvy team members into your organization to growth hack your business and improve customer engagement. We would train you on new technologies and management methods for better customer relationship and improved sales.

Invest in Technology that is Glocal, Adaptable, built on Innovation and Creativity.” – Ayo Alex Alao

Our services include

  • Brand Management for Business Owners & Executives

Build a strong brand identity, experience and learn effective ways to rebuild your brand management approach. This training would teach you how to sustain brand loyalty and competitive advantage to maximize profit.

You would learn:

  • Brand leadership/ business Strategies
  • Personal Branding
  • Brand Architecture/ archetypes
  • How to Attract High Networth Individuals
  • Brand Design
  • Online Reputation & Brand Hero Toolkit
  • Brand Management Tools


  • Remote Workforce Training for Employees & CEOs

Maintain high quality productivity through actionable remote working practices that would give employees effective tools and skills needed to succeed in a remote environment in case of unexpected occurrences or shifts in the normal economic structure. This training would help provide a broad view of tools and strategies for making the shift a success.


You would learn:

  • Short term goal planning
  • Remote working tools
  • Project Management & Planning Tools
  • Content Creation Tools
  • Video Training Tools
  • Content Management Tools
  • Regular productivity tracking
  • Effective communication
  • Provide responsive support
  • Remote staffing
  • Remote Onboarding


  • Strategic Marketing For Executives

It’s time to level up your tech-savvy business into profit making machines. This commercial training would empower you to make more productive, calculated, cost effective and accurate management decisions. You would also be able to develop your own information and sales management skills for professional development.

You would learn:

  • Strategic marketing training
  • How to improve profit & sales growth
  • Market planning, segmentation & implementation
  • Product positioning
  • Effective pricing
  • Profound decision-making
  • Portfolio management
  • Consumer marketing


  • Technical Leadership Training

Become a powerful motivator for success by enforcing and monitoring standard work practices adopted by your team. This training would teach you how to organize proper workflow, provide sufficient support for smooth running, and how to drive your team for innovation.


You would learn:

  • Strategic team support, motivation and facilitation
  • Technical excellence
  • Innovation for problem-solving & cross-functional collaboration
  • Project monitoring & management
  • Tool building & testing
  • Architectural product reviews
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Efficient documentation
  • To bridge technical gaps


  • Emotional Intelligence for Accelerated Leadership Growth

Recognize, guard and calmly access your decisions, while harnessing certain emotions appropriately to realize the most of any situation. This training would help you learn the skills needed to develop emotional intelligence to reinvigorate your professionalism, mould groundbreaking ideas, work seamlessly with your team while under high pressure, and to manage your career as a leader. After this training, you would also be able to accurately perceive not just your own emotions, but also the mental state of your team members.


You would learn:

  • Self assessment & control
  • Stress management
  • Cognitive empathy
  • Relationship management
  • How to create a work-life balance
  • Conflict management and resolution
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