Should you Bother about Link Building?

Every serious business owner willing to sell, knows that you can’t just build a website and then sit back and wait for new customers to come knocking on your virtual door. Rather, they create a path way for customers to easily locate them. One of those pathways in LINK BUILDING.
Link building is an SEO term for the process of getting websites to link to a page on your own website in order to earn a higher ranking on search engines. But not the number of links you create, but rather the value and QUALITY of the links that’s most important.
⁉️⁉️WHAT DO I MEAN? ⁉️⁉️⁉️
Let’s say you’re running a business that sells fashion wears. You’ll get noticed faster, and rank higher, by building a relationship with a brand like Bella naija or any good quality content site with quality traffic and page rank — — than an unknown blogger with no LINK JUICE to pass to your site – It’s deeper than this, but let me stop here for now.
Having your content shared on a site / post with just two or three views won’t generate as much buzz as connecting with a website that consistently has hundreds, preferably thousands, of views from unique visitors every month.
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