The 5am Club: How to Escape Mediocrity and achieve Greatness

The book “5am Club” written by Robin Sharma is fictional, but carries real-life lessons, that can be applied to everything meaningful in life; Business, personal development, Career, Spiritual life and lots more.

“Early birds eat the best worms”

Getting up at 5 a.m. increases creativity, doubles energy, and triples productivity. But how? Many true greats throughout history, from novelist John Grisham to composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, have learned that the isolation that comes from waking at 5 a.m. has a multiplying effect.

Everyone has a limited mental capacity or cognitive bandwidth. Throughout the day, we give our attention to more and more tasks. Our bandwidth gets used up by all of these so, by midday, we have a hard time truly concentrating on anything at all.

However, if you wake up at 5a.m., you have a golden opportunity to concentrate on a singular high-value activity without your brain getting distracted.

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