The Three Ways To Attract High Networth Individuals

Research shows that trust is crucial in the financial advisor-client relationship. Elite advisors who attract the highest net worth clients employ creative tactics that focus on building relationships that foster trust.

These are 3 ways to attract high-net-worth individuals.
Mastermind Alliances
High net worth clients are accustomed to convenience and concierge service. The ability to offer a network of reliable professionals adds value for your client.
These relationships can be informal but if you are looking to get serious about growing your high net worth niche, it may be worth having formalized discussions with those you want a solid alliance with in order to pursue your collective goals.
Client communications
It is well worth your time to audit your client communications. Call upon a marketing professional or graphic designer to create a cohesive look for your digital and printed materials that reflect the upscale clientele you wish to attract. Be sure your materials are compliant and free from grammatical mistakes and typos.
Strategic Networking
A smart way to do this is to go where the wealthy go. Research by Wealth-X identifies sports, business, health and wellness, and finance among some of the favorite leisure activities of high net worth males, while philanthropic activities rank highest for high net worth females.

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