You Do Have What It Takes!

“Do I have what it takes?”

Most times, whenever you ask yourself this question, you always have the picture of someone in mind whom you compare and judge yourself by their standard, and then you become crippled, and believe the lie, that you do not have what it takes yet.
Because you do not look like that model in the picture in your head.

Take for example, you see a public figure that you admire, looking all dapper, skilled and intelligent, with a great speaking prowess.

The guy is doing well and pulling a lot of crowds to himself, all thanks to his outstanding bio.

Now if you ask yourself, what was responsible for his success?, he’s got the skills to attract the right people, right? Great!

Now you want to also become a superstar, pulling crowds like he does.
But do you have those skills?

Well, if we want to be truthful with ourselves, probably not!

And then fear sets in, you wonder if you’ll ever achieve that feat, which is your dream.

Because, if we will say the “truth”, “you do not have what it takes”.

And actually, that’s the big lie you’ve allowed your dear brain tell you!

Can I tell you something?, what you see here, in its real sense isn’t what it takes, what you see is the result!
There was something before what you see, and that is actually what it takes.

You might need to read that again.

Now why will you judge yourself by someone’s result (the skills) when you have not given what it really takes to achieve the result?

Isn’t that unfair on you?

And that is where a lot of people stop. They look at that ‘image’ of their dreams, see that they do not have what it takes, and sadly, get scared away.

Now, let me take you a step further, how about asking yourself, what does it take to have those skills?

Do you have what it takes to acquire those skills?
Well that is for your to decide, but I’m sure it’s more likely to be a positive response.

You want to start earning seven figures in your business, but you look at those living out that dream, and you see that they are all smart marketing gurus, and that thought enough as crippled you because we both know that you aren’t good at marketing. So, “you do not have what it takes”

How about you ask yourself a little bit further, do you have what it takes to be a good marketer? Well, maybe that will get you thinking.

Trust me, you might not have what it takes to start earning seven figures currently, but if you look well, you will find out that having what it takes to be a skilled marketer isn’t that hard; just a tiny part of your brain and the relevant information.

Did you catch the drift?

So, next time you are about to doubt your ability to achieve a goal, instead of asking the question; do I have what it takes,(most times, you won’t) twist it a lil bit and ask yourself instead, what exactly does it take to achieve this?

With this, you are training your brain to focus on the core things that matter, the base thing it takes instead of the result you see.

And trust me, if you are able to dig down enough, you will be more than half way to achieving that dream.

Remember, your dreams are valid, until you think otherwise.

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