You Should Position Strategically, Market Fiercely & Shamelessly

To understand SUCCESS, you have to LEARN to USE FAILURE as motivation (as a tool), not run from it – from each failure, gather every ounce of data, that EXPERIENCE throws your way, then use this as the STRATEGY to WIN.
My dad always said while we younger, you didn’t fail, you only learnt how better to do it NEXT TIME.
FAILURE gives us EXPERIENCE, an opportunity to succeed BETTER, Next time.
Even if you miss that SHOT AGAIN, Learn from it and Try AGAIN.
Look at life from this PERSPECTIVE and find joy in little successes, don’t give up!
No matter who’s gone ahead of you, you can catch up, OVERTAKING is allowed.
So, STOP being afraid of putting yourself out there.
Let me ask you now, WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU DO?

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